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2020 and beyond - post Covid-19

Emerging from the pandemic. Where do we go from here?

It's safe to say that covid-19 has thrown us all for a loop.  While some people have been fortunate enough to be able to have employers who allow them to work from home, others have permanently lost jobs.  Still others are working the front line…

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Moving AHEAD INTO 2020

As we move beyond 2020, there are a number of exciting projects that will see our city grow.  Some we have been waiting for, and others have a new focus within our boundaries.  


On January 21, 2020 I attended the Regional …

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Nanaimo still awaiting Fire Station #6

ANOTHER ONE!  Wednesday October 30th a house caught on fire on Burma Road, off of Lost Lake Road.

This fire once again is proof that we need that fire station built out by Pipers area of Hammond Bay.

This fire is outside the 6 minute response time from our existing fire stations.

I have been …

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Communication is the cornerstone of human civilization. Without communication, there is no co-operation. And without co-operation, you can't have most of the things we take for granted in our modern lives. And without communication and co-operation, you certainly can't build and run a city like Nan…

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My Vision for Nanaimo

A top priority for me is for Nanaimo to get back to the basics of good governance.  My prime goal is to work with the new mayor and council to rebuild a solid working relationship between the City Council and City Staff.  We also need to build up trust between the City Council and the residents of N…

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