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November 2019

This month hosts a number of different projects coming to light in the City of Nanaimo.

This is the first anniversary since our last municipal election with a 3 year wait until the next one.

On the radar for the month of November and December are the following.  I will try to cover each one the best I can.

Sandstone Project has an upcoming open house on 13th of November 6pm start, at Chase River Moose Hall upstairs.




What is the current situation regarding this housing project?  Is is still behind closed doors with negotiations taking place.  If we build it will they come, or is it simply moving the existing problems with our temporary housing towards a permanent location?


November was to be the month for construction to start on the much anticipated Marriott Hotel on Gordon Street, between the Conference Centre and the Casino.  Many say this hotel has to be built to make the conference centre viable.  With the loss of the Howard Johnson and other hotels that were to built downtown not becoming reality, is this one soon to join the rest?  If this property is not started by the end of the year, the City has the option to buy the land back for the $750,000 that PEG paid for it.


Is this project in the Dover area in northern Nanaimo also a dream or will it become a reality?



Oceanview Golf Resort and Spa has moved back onto the radar with a redeveloped web page noticed just today, by one of my followers.
Is it really back?

For me, the real excitement this month is the final Community Engagement regarding this Mobility Hub project for downtown Nanaimo.  With many faces from realigning of Albert, Wallace, Commercial and Victoria Crescent to the restaging of Front Street between the Bastion and the old Original Highrise to include bicycle lanes, reduced road traffic, changes to pedestrian right of ways and new transit features.  We will also be asked our opinions regarding transit and a throwback to the original Port Lands agreement with Nanaimo Transit and the City of Nanaimo.  Pop-ups will be held at VIU, Woodgrove Mall, 

Watch for the City of Nanaimo in your area: In November they will be hosting “pop-ups” in different locations. Find them at:


SPONSORSHIPS?  Should we be seeing City owned parks, buildings or other features sponsored in an effort to raise money for our City?

Would you like to see Coca~cola Park instead of Piper's Lagoon?  How about the Pepsi Arena instead of Cliff McNabb?  Could we see Seaspan Park instead of Cambie Park?  Oh, wait that one has sailed already.  The recently named Cambie Park has no significance to the City other than it was the name of a bar named after a bar in Vancouver where a Mr. Cambie waa a part of their history.

Coming to our next Finance & Audit meeting next Wednesday, we see a return of Mr. Brent Baroots, Pres & CEO of the Partnership Group who will be speaking about sponsorships and how they could work in Nanaimo.  He last spoke to our council in 2014 on the same matter, at which time we did not move ahead with any renaming.  I believe that the PORT THEATRE name is up for renewal and how about that Shaw Auditorium?

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