Nanaimo BC Canada

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2017 Christmas Season
Outfitter assisting customers as they came into Cabelas as well as helping them on the sales floor while covering as an as needed cashier.  Some shifts were solely as a cashier.

November 12th , 2017 to Current





Conducts data gathering activities utilizing various methodologies and technologies to obtain statistical information as required by the Statistics Act;

Organizes and completes own work assignments as per instructions; prepares reports and completes administrative forms covering own activity; performs quality control procedures on own work to facilitate data capture and to ensure the timely receipt of materials in regional offices;

Utilizes a variety of equipment and materials associated with the gathering of survey information; develops and maintains productive and harmonious relations with respondents (households, individuals, businesses, institutions, agriculture operators) of assigned surveys;

And performs other duties prescribed by the employer.





Excellent oral and written communication skills

Highly proficient in a windows environment, MS Office, CorelDraw, Web design, Social Media content management and is capable of learning new applications quickly and efficiently.

Educated employees on proper procedures along with correct customer service training.

Effectively organized community meetings to solve residential concerns.

Practiced safe working habits and upheld safety standards.

Maintained accurate accounting records and dealt with cash flow and cost analysis.

Developed excellent long term relationships with customers.

Developed effective training programs and operational manuals to meet workplace demands and exceed customer service expectations.


Experienced customer service professional, with a successful track record and progressive development within the workplace. 

Flexible and versatile to thrive in an independent or team building environment. 

Dedicated, goal oriented, organized, bondable and seeking a challenging position with upward growth potential.