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BILL   MANNERS                

I moved to Nanaimo on March 1, 1970.  Raised in Vancouver up until the middle of Grade 8, I came here and went to Grades 8-12 in Nanaimo.  Since then I have worked in the transportation industry working for airlines, bus, taxi and limousine companies.  I worked in the photography field for quite a few years and also did retail and cooking.  I became an office machine mechanic after school, fixing typewriters, cash registers, photocopiers and adding machines. 

I have had an interest in the political arena since 1966, initially in the provincial government.  My dad was quite involved in politics in Vancouver where I had opportunities to met many different people involved in City, Parks and Provincial governments.  After moving to Nanaimo I was mentored and inspired by Tommy Douglas, Frank Ney and Dale Lovick’s political teachings, I learned how municipal governance differed from provincial governance.  City governance is the closest way to engage with the public, out of all other levels of government.  I have regularly followed Nanaimo’s elected officials and gave my first presentation to them in 1984. My attendance and participation has increased since 2011 by actively giving presentations, being a delegate,  and serving on the community engagement task force which is proof of my dedication.  I believe a successful city is one where Nanaimo council members engage successfully with the public, staff and other council members positively.  I unsuccessfully ran as a candidate for the 2018 City of Nanaimo council race.

I am still quite involved with the political scene in and around Nanaimo.  Early this year (2019), I was appointed to the Regional District of Nanaimo Solid Waste Management Plan Monitoring Advisory Committee (environment), am active with Emergency Communications for the City of Nanaimo & Regional District (safety). On Bathtub weekend in Nanaimo, I am part of the Safety &Communications team (Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society) aboard a barge serving as a checkpoint. I am also a member of the Uplands Walk Community Advisory Committee (supportive housing).  When there is a City of Nanaimo Council meeting or a Regional District of Nanaimo Director meeting, you will see me in attendance or watching the event on my computer at home.