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I moved to Nanaimo on March 1, 1970.  Raised in Vancouver up until the middle of Grade 8, I came here and went to Grades 8-12 in Nanaimo.  Since then I have worked in the transportation industry working for airlines, bus, taxi and limousine companies.  I worked in the photography field for quite a few years and also did retail and cooking.  I became an office machine mechanic after school, fixing typewriters, cash registers, photocopiers and adding machines. 

I have had an interest in the political arena since 1966, initially in the provincial government.  My dad was quite involved in politics in Vancouver where I had opportunities to met many different people involved in City, Parks and Provincial governments.  After moving to Nanaimo I was mentored and inspired by Tommy Douglas, Frank Ney and Dale Lovick’s political teachings, I learned how municipal governance differed from provincial governance.  City governance is the closest way to engage with the public, out of all other levels of government.  I have regularly followed Nanaimo’s elected officials and gave my first presentation to them in 1984. My attendance and participation since 2011 by actively giving presentations, being a delegate, serving on the community engagement task force is proof of my dedication.  I believe a successful city is one where Nanaimo council members engage successfully with the public, staff and other council members positively.

I have experience in Public Speaking with Toastmasters International, achieving my Able Toastmaster award in my first two years as a member.  I then taught public speaking at Vancouver Island University (then Malaspina College), Cedar 4H club, and to Miss Nanaimo contestants. I continued my growth as a public speaker through the volunteer positions as Secretary, Educational Vice President and Club President of Toastmasters.

Working with Sooter Studios as a regional representative for British Columbia, I had to have a vast knowledge on budgets and forecasting expenditures and estimating income along with providing management skills with the district and areas around the province.

Working at Hi-Tec industries as a truss designer, I had to hold a high standard towards the safety of residents whose roofs we designed and built which required approval by qualified engineers.

I have extensive knowledge of the transportation and infrastructure needs around the city with over four decades of experience in the limousine, bus, taxi, and airline businesses in and around our city.

I volunteered in a variety of ways dating back to before grade 5 where I helped a fellow student with polio to move his typewriter from class to class.  Since then I have actively participated with establishing the Nanaimo Independent Living Resource Centre,  worked with the Seniors Advocate of British Columbia on a study in Nanaimo.  I was a member and one of the spokespersons for the Community Engagement Task Force in 2017-19.  I am a ham radio operator and am a member of two radio clubs in Nanaimo, Coast Emergency Communication Association and Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association. 

Currently, I am employed with Cabela's in Nanaimo as an Outfitter mostly working in Customer Services, Cashier and the Home and Cabin Departments.  I am on modified duties at the time and am working on projects throughout the store.